"What is important is to keep learning,  to enjoy challenge, and to tolerate ambiguity.  In the end there are no certain answers."

- Martina Horner
President of Radcliffe College
CHILDREN'S BOOKS by Robert Edelman
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Trauma: Teaching Kids all about Trauma is a wonderful book to help children. How trauma affects our thoughts, feelings and behavior are discussed to help children recognize and express how they might have, or might be, affected by stressful events in their lives. Ways of coping with trauma are suggested as well as the message that kids are survivors and can overcome things that might have been traumatic in their lives. The book includes vivid illustrations, keywords, simple explanations, open-ended questions as well as a fun “Can you spot it?” game throughout the book to keep children engaged and refocus if they become distracted or anxious due to the nature of the topic being discussed. Review questions, a word search as well as useful on-line resources are also provided. NOTE: This book contains some real-life illustrations of traumatic events which could be triggering for children who might have experienced a recent or unresolved trauma. It should be read with a responsible adult and is designed to educate and facilitate open discussions about trauma between children and counselors, therapists, social service staff, etc. as well as conscientious parents/caregivers. 
My Private Parts are Private! is designed for use by parents, caregivers, counselors, social service staff and protective investigators and can be read to children to help enable discussions about safe touching. It is a storybook to help boys and girls, of different races and ethnic backgrounds learn about protecting their bodies, self-respect and how to assertively say “No” and “Don’t touch me!” to anyone who touches them inappropriately. It includes open-ended questions following each lesson to encourage children to open up and explore their thoughts and feelings about safe touching, personal choices and when to seek others for help. The book also introduces the topic of sexual abuse and ways to keep one’s body private. It helps adults and children talk about sexual abuse together in a way which minimizes embarrassment and fear, but emphasizes self-protection and open communication. Children learn that it’s OK to tell and talk about their feelings, and that sexual abuse is never their fault in hopes that they can continue to heal. Although sensitive, My Private Parts are Private! uses vivid and imaginative illustrations to build rapport and encourage adults and children to laugh, giggle and share. Each topic includes a keyword, simple explanation, open-ended question as well as a fun “Can you spot it?” exercise to keep children engaged and help refocus them if they become distracted, anxious or stressed due to the topic being discussed.